artist reflections: plans

make plans not limiting contracts
the beauty of plans is that they are never concrete. in other words if you grown too rigid and too attached to outcome. some of us become super frustrated when plans get scrambled from the unexpected. the unknown is the exciting part of life  although appearing frightening at times. experiences have showed me the great thing to take from a curb balls is:

1. life is only change.
2. life is keeping you alert, awake and alive.
3. you are being shown the opportunity to make a creative decision where you will surprise yourself.
4. weeding out unnecessary distractions and focusing you in your work.
5. you have more strength than you think. life threw it at you because you are built for it.

its not life throwing you a curb ball you see. its your soul getting you to move in the direction of your true work. your passion. security as we know it keeps us running away from responsibility and remaining and mediocrity.  but hear me you are fulfilled owning up to your actions and who you are. know this, all change can be awesome and you can handle it.